Drug Trafficking in Woburn MA

Today I was in Woburn Superior Court for two drug trafficking cases. One case was on for arraignment and the other case was scheduled for a motion hearing.

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Restraining Order Violation Lynn MA

  This morning I am in Boston Municipal Court for a hearing regarding larceny charges. Then I am off to Lynn District Court for a dangerousness hearing regarding a violation of a 209A restraining order this afternoon.

Alcohol and Minors

I'm in Lawrence District Court for a plea on a case related to providing alcohol to a minor.  

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Restraining Order in Lynn, MA

Today, I'm back in Lynn, MA court for a jury trial related to a violation of a restraining order and a case involving accusations of assault & battery.  

Larceny in Lynn, MA

 Today I'm in Lynn District Court for cases involving charges related to larceny, assault & battery, and a violation of probation. 


I am in Lynn District Court for three cases; a OUI/DUI case, a drug case and a probation violation hearing.

Vandalism in Lynn, MA

I'm in Lynn Juvenile Court for a Clerk Magistrate's Hearing for a case involving tagging/graffiti.        

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Probation Violation and DUI in Lynn MA

Today, I'm at the Lynn District Court for two cases: one involving a probation violation on a DUI/OUI and the second case is a two party hearing for a harassment prevention order.

Drug Defense in Malden MA

Today I'm in Malden District Court for motions regarding a drug case.    

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Criminal Trespassing and Probation Violation In Lynn

Today, I'm in back in Lynn District Court for two cases. One involving charges related to criminal trespassing and the second is for a probation violation.          

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