Drug Trafficking in Woburn MA

Today I was in Woburn Superior Court for two drug trafficking cases. One case was on for arraignment and the other case was scheduled for a motion hearing.

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Alcohol and Minors

I'm in Lawrence District Court for a plea on a case related to providing alcohol to a minor.  

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Vandalism in Lynn, MA

I'm in Lynn Juvenile Court for a Clerk Magistrate's Hearing for a case involving tagging/graffiti.        

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Drug Defense in Malden MA

Today I'm in Malden District Court for motions regarding a drug case.    

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Resisting Arrest and Property Destuction Salem MA

Today, I have a Trial in Salem District Court for a case involving resisting arrest and malicious destruction of a motor vehicle.  

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In Woburn Ma today

Today I'm in Woburn District Court on a probation violation hearing for a larceny case.

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NECN on the Charles Collins Robinson Case

Attorney Lance Sobelman at the Charles Collins Robinson hearing.

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Sobelman get charges dropped in Gonzalez case

This is just in from the Boston Globe about the Giovanni Gonzalez missing person case.  Today, the Law Office of Russell C Sobelman succeeded in getting the charges against his father dropped. Judge dismisses parental kidnapping charge against father of Giovanni Gonzalez, who disappeared in Lynn five years ago By Maria Sacchetti and John R. [...]

Russell Sobelman Waits for Ruling in Gonzalez Case in Lynn MA

Attorney Russell Sobelman appears in court with Ernesto Gonzalez. Judge to make ruling on November 20, 2013.

Lynn Criminal Defense Attorney, Russell C. Sobleman, Quoted in Lynn Daily Item About Giovanni Gonzalez Case

Gonzalez found incompetent to stand trial SALEM — A Lynn man charged in connection with the 2008 disappearance of his 5-year-old son has been deemed incompetent to stand trial. “I think it was the appropriate decision by the district attorney and the judge,” Defense Attorney Russel Sobelman said of the ruling. “To the district attorney’s [...]

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