Domestic violence charges are taken extremely seriously in Massachusetts. A charge of domestic violence can have a far-reaching and immediate impact on your life. Everything from your living situation, job, family relations, and freedom may be at stake. If you have been charged with any level of domestic violence, you need a compassionate and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in your corner. Attorney Lance Sobelman has the dedication and the skills necessary to help minimize the impact a domestic violence charge may have on your criminal record and life in general.

Domestic violence is related to disputes or altercations that take place between parties who have a significant relationship with each other. This may be between married couples, people living together, and people who share a child. This can also include blood and marriage relatives, or parties who have a dating or some other type of significant relationship. When police arrive on a scene where domestic violence seems to be the issue, they will make an arrest even if the alleged victim recants his or her story or asks for charges to be dropped.

Domestic Violence Penalties

There are a number of ways a domestic violence charge can be pursued, depending on the situation. It can be misdemeanor simple assault, a felony assault and battery charge, an aggravated assault and battery charge, or as an assault and battery with a dangerous weapon charge. Simple assault can lead to a $1,000 fine, while a felony charge can lead to higher fines and significant jail or prison time. Assault with a dangerous weapon can result in 10 years in prison. A restraining order may also be handed down even before there is a trial. This can mean you may have to leave your home and pay support for a spouse and children you can’t legally be near. A violation of this order can lead to jail time.

Resource: Massachusetts Domestic Violence Laws

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