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License Suspension Hearing Boston MA

I'm in Boston for a license suspension hearing at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. If you need assistance with a suspension hearing, contact me at 781-477-1818.

In Somerville MA Today

Today, I'm in Somerville District Court on a compliance and election.

Newburyport Today

Today I'm in Newburyport District Court on a restraining order hearing.

Hearings in Lynn Court Today

Lynn District Court today for several cases including violation of probation hearing, status hearing, jury trial, compliance & election as well as a motion to suppress.

The Problem with Breathalyzers

We have an issue right now in Massachusetts regarding DUI cases and breathalyzers. As it turns out, breathalyzer readings are not always correct due to the way the machines are calibrated. We’ve recently been notified that 69 out of 6000 prosecuted DUI cases here in Massachusetts have been reliant on breathalyzer results that came from [...]

An Update on the Charles Collins-Robinson Case

Here is the most recent information on the Charles Collins-Robinson child endangerment case I've been handling. This update announcing his probation recently ran in the Daily Item of Lynn. “He was relieved that his record will stay intact, will allow him to be in a better position when he applies for jobs… and if he [...]

Currently working on the Charles Collins Robinson Case in Lynn MA

It's always difficult when children are involved in any case.  Here are some more details on the Charles Collins Robinson endangerment hearing.