Originally part of Lynn, Massachusetts, Swampscott is located 15 miles north of Boston.  At one time a summer resort community, Swampscott is now a desired residential town on the North Shore.

Swampscott MA one community serviced by Russell C Sobelman, Criminal and Personal Injury attorney

Russell C Sobleman handles Criminal cases from his Lynn locations, but also serves the town of Swampscott. You may reach the office   24/7 at 781-581-1300.

Practice Areas:

Drug Offenses
Drunk Driving
Sex Offenses
Gun Charges
Motor Vehicle Offenses
Assault & Battery
Federal Cases & Charges
Domestic Violence
Murder Cases
Restraining Orders
Bail Hearings & Reviews
Motions to Suppress
Motions to Dismiss
Motions to Vacate
Motions for New Trials
Immigration Related Motions


The Swampscott MA Police Department