First chemist Annie Dookhan, and now chemist Sonja Farak is facing criminal charges for not properly handling drugs that were to be analyzed and stored at their Boston-area laboratories.  These are not just drugs, it is evidence that will likely be used during court proceedings, whether it be a motion hearing or at trial.  Sure, many think that it is just good that the drugs are off the street and not in the hands of people who will use them in the wrong manner.  But if two chemists amid hundreds are being charged with wrong-doing while on the job, who is to say that there are not more corrupt individuals working at these labs?  What is being done by the state to insure the proper oversight?

All we hear about in the news and within the legal community is all the negative things that are happening with the laboratories.  We hear nothing about new plans for oversight, new procedures or anything about how they are going to make certain these things never happen again.  While there has been a small increase in business related to motions regarding Ms. Dookhan’s conduct, I would much rather have a judicial system where there is an even playing field.

By Atty. Lance Sobelman